MA – 36th Anniversary

Another year, another milestone here at Manuela António – Lawyers and Notaries.

On this day, 28 of November 2022, our firm completes 36 years of its establishment.

As always, we take this occasion to thank the support of our excellent team of collaborators, as well as of our loyal clients for their priceless aid in our success.

As the saying goes, keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

It is worthy to point out that considering the challenging time that the world has been facing, the Macau Government is planning to implement a set of policies in order to dynamize some sectors of Macau’s economy.

One of these major policies relates with the enaction of a legal framework of Macau applicable to trusts (Law no. 15/2022). As of 1 December 2022, it will be possible to set up a trust in the Macau SAR.

Through this new legal regime, investors will have an alternative way to manage and/or invest their assets.

As referred, this major change is aligned with the recent Macau policy of reforming some sectors of its economy, in particular the capital markets and wealth management sectors.

These sectors of the economy have a big importance to attract investment to Macau.

Moreover, it is expected that during the course of next year a major amendment to banking and finance regime shall be implemented as well in Macau.

These legal amendments should be construed in a positive and exciting way as they clearly show that Macau is building a path to be an attractive jurisdiction to investors, in particular to investors in the capital markets, banking and finance and wealth management sectors.


Until we meet again,
Happy anniversary!