Along the years, we have used our employment and immigration expertise in favor of our clients in all sorts of matters pertaining to this challenging area of the law by, including but not limited to, drafting employment agreements, employment policies and employee handbooks (ensuring that all the legal obligations of employers and employees are duly communicated and implemented) and also infringement proceedings.

We have the skill and experience to help employers and employees walk through every distinct and complex issue that arises from the labour and immigration laws so that the hiring of foreign national employees becomes a seamless process. Not only do we provide advice in respect of immigration/employment policies but also we assist in handling all matters related to the obtainment and/or renewal of work permits and residency authorizations visas for non-residents.

Also, we believe that our clients’ interests often are best served by avoiding litigation, which is not only costly but also lengthy, but when litigation does arise, we aim at nothing else but achieving the best possible result for our clients.