There is something about Macau.

It might be the festival of lights reflected in the water, the wealth of traditions, the blend of East and West or its booming economy. The fact is: from humble beginnings Macau has grown into a vibrant city attracting worldwide interest.

Bathed by the South China Sea and adjacent to the Guangdong Province, Macau has for centuries been a gateway between those who came from the sea and those who lived inland, thus playing a vital role in regional and international trade.

Today a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, Macau has a high degree of autonomy, its own legal system, currency and border control. Macau shares three borders with Mainland China and enjoys close proximity and convenient transportation to Guangzhou – the third largest city in China and an international trade hub –, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, as well as air connections to a vast array of international destinations.

Since the opening of the gaming market in 2001, Macau has experienced an accelerated development of its tourism and entertainment industries and its gaming market has surpassed Las Vegas, as the world’s largest casino market in terms of revenue.

Macau offers low taxation and an offshore system, which have further attracted investment. Finance, insurance, construction, real estate, and retail are other growing sectors in Macau’s economy.

There is, nonetheless, room to grow – including geographically, as Macau has recently seen the onset of more embankment areas and the opening of a new university campus in the adjacent Hengqin island – and opportunities abound for those willing to seize them in Macau.