Restructuring & Insolvency

Our law firm has vast experience in handling any matters related to Macau insolvency, bankruptcy, and/or restructuring.

Similar to other jurisdictions, Macau has a specific set of legal rules applicable to insolvency and bankruptcy which shall have to be observed.

We have lawyers capable of assisting clients in any matters related to financial restructuring, with planning strategies for the revitalization of companies, and with insolvency proceedings (either from the insolvent perspective or either from a creditor and/or any other interested party perspective).

Our experience with other practice areas, such as corporate, litigation banking, and finance, allows our firm to render a comprehensive service to clients.

Applicable legislation on this subject matter can be found in the Macau Civil Procedure Code under Title XII.

Key Contacts


Manuela António

Founding Partner

Hugo Couto

Senior Partner

António Zhang

Senior Associate