Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

The firm leans on its knowledge of the Macau law and grasp of the individual needs of the clients to ensure full compliance with the latest legal provisions as well as recommendations from the relevant authorities, such as the Personal Data Protection Bureau (GPDP), related to Macau Data Privacy and Cybersecurity.

Poor data protection policies or breaches can have devastating consequences leading to severe reputational damage, which can be prevented by prior acting on these issues.

We provide this service by offering specific advice and in-depth analysis of the data protection legal framework, namely in relation to privacy, subjects, and data transfer.

We advise enterprises of all sizes on data protection and privacy issues, ranging from start-ups to large corporate entities and across all sectors by providing pragmatic, practical, and cost-effective solutions in matters such as access rights for data subjects, CCTV and privacy, compliance issues for personal data, drafting data protection policies, among others.

Lately, we have been advising clients in international data privacy compliance and have helped several multinationals ensure the compliance of their international data transfers and regulatory clearances.

Key Contacts


Manuela António

Founding Partner

André Marques

Senior Associate