Portuguese Golden Visa

The Golden Visa Programme allows the granting of a residence permit to foreigners who want to invest in Portugal, making such country a perfect gateway in Europe for those who want to enjoy freedom of movement in the Schengen Area.

Given the growing demand from foreign citizens who wish to obtain a legal permit to reside in Portugal through investing in that country, our office, which is located both in Macau and in Portugal, is in a privileged position to assist clients from the beginning to the end of the procedure to acquire a residence permit in Portugal.

Since the beginning of this programme in 2012, our office has successfully helped several clients to acquire residence permits and to relocate to Portugal, relying on our help to prepare all the necessary documentation and to assist with the different entities in Portugal, namely banks and public entities, such as the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority and the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service.

Key Contacts


Manuela Antonio

Founding Partner

Tiago Assunção

Senior Associate