Funds & Investment Management

We provide in-depth advice and counseling to any client looking for solutions in the context of setting up and managing investment funds, or any other forms of savings and diversification of portfolios in Macau.

For this purpose, our interdisciplinary legal team provides legal advice, ranging from assistance with tax matters to handling all the regulatory requirements essential for the establishment of investment funds in Macau.

Therefore, the experience accumulated by our firm over the last four decades has been fundamental in acquiring a solid and comprehensive knowledge of the functioning of the financial markets and the complexities related to the diversification of risk in investments, as well as the requirements placed by the public and private entities engaged in establishing of investment funds.

We also have broad experience with dealing with Macau regulators, such as the AMCM.

Key Contacts


Manuela António

Founding Partner

Hugo Couto

Senior Partner

André Marques

Senior Associate