We provide in-depth advice and counseling to any client looking for solutions in the context of setting up and managing investment funds in Macau.


Over the years, we have used our employment and immigration expertise in favour of our clients in all sorts of matters related to this area of the law.


Our law firm provides advice on tax matters covering the whole spectrum of taxation law in Macau is experience in dealing with local authorities.


We rely on our knowledge of Macau regulatory and compliance matters, anticipating and advising our clients on any potential risks.


Our law firm has vast experience in handling any matters related to insolvency, bankruptcy, and/or restructuring in Macau.


With offices in Macau and Lisbon, our law firm is in a privileged position to guide you through the process of obtaining the Portuguese golden visa and residence.


The Portuguese passport provides great benefits to the holder and, if you qualify, we will guide you through each step of the journey towards Portuguese citizenship.


Our law firm provides full notary services in Macau with 3 inhouse notaries available to handle all our clients needs in a variety of areas.


Our litigation lawyers have vast experience and engage in strong preparation and extensive analysis before going to court in Macau.


We make it our priority to work with clients in developing and protecting their Macau intellectual property (IP) by identifying the best solution for each case.