Portugal Golden Visa Application

Portugal Golden Visa Application procedures are explained in this article.

As it is already known worldwide, Portugal´s golden visa program is one of the most popular residence-by-investment programs in Europe and in the World.

The program will complete one decade this year 2022, with an average of 2,000 applications successful each year.

The Golden Visa Program is a scheme that allows non-EU citizens to apply for a residence permit in Portugal by pursuing investment activities.

In brief, recipients of residence permit under the Golden Visa Program are entitled to:

  1. live and work in Portugal;
  2. travel within the Schengen Area (which comprises 26 European countries) without requiring any visa;
  3. include immediate family members within their application;
  4. apply for permanent residence after 5 years; and
  5. apply for Portuguese citizenship after 6 years, by naturalization, provided that all of the other requirements set out in the Portuguese Nationality Act are met.

Golden Visa Program offers different investment options, being the following 4 options the ones that are most common:

  1. Real Estate Acquisition
    Acquire real estate worth €500,000 (equivalent to HKD4,4 million) or more in Portugal (investing in low-density areas of the country and/or on old properties can lower the amount of investment)
  2. Fund Subscription
    A minimum of €500,000 subscription in a qualifying Portuguese fund.
  3. Capital Transfer
    Capital transfer of a minimum of €1,5 million to Portugal.
  4. Company
    Creation of a minimum of 10 new full-time jobs in a Portuguese business that is owned by the main applicant.

What are the main reasons to proceed with your Golden Visa application through Macau and our law firm?

The official languages of Macau are Portuguese and Chinese (and our firm has qualified lawyers’ native speakers of both languages) which helps to connect and better assist Golden Visa applicants in Asia, notably the ones from Chinese-speaking countries or regions (such as Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan).

Moreover, our firm is in the same time zone as the Golden Visa applicants from Chinese-speaking countries which allows us for a much closer handling of their Golden visa application as well as direct contact with our Asian clients.

In addition, our lawyers can guide you during the process of collecting and organizing the documents before they are submitted in Portugal, as well as they can assist you with any requirements for the translation of documents.

Furthermore, our in-house Notaries can certify documents that might be required for the application, with the advantage that it will not be necessary to authenticate with apostille (considering that there is in place an agreement between Portugal and Macau regarding the legalization of documents).

In specific for Hong Kong Golden Visa applicants, we can assist directly with the Portuguese Consulate for Macau and Hong Kong, based in Macau, for the legalization of the relevant Criminal Records of Hong Kong.

In light of the above, Golden Visa applicants from Chinese-speaking countries have the advantage of having a much smoother procedure to apply for their Golden Visa through Macau and our firm.

For this purpose, we have been partnering with a Portuguese well-known and reputed law firm for many years with hundreds of successful applications, and we shall be pleased to assist you with your Golden Visa application.

We shall provide you with further information upon request and/or a call in order to explain in detail this matter, the formalities and the documentation required, and to understand the type of investment that suits better your profile.

Portugal Golden Visa Application