Data Privacy Day 2024

As part of the Data Privacy Day 2024 initiative, an international event aimed at raising awareness and promoting best practices in data protection and privacy, our Macau law firm, through our lawyers Tiago Assunção and António Coelho participated in two webinars covering related topics in trend-setting jurisdictions such as China, Hong Kong, the EU, the US, and the UK.

“Getting China Data Compliance Right in 2024 Series: Regulatory Highlights and Practical Advice” was produced by Dezan Shira & Associates and featured Nathaniel Scott Rushford (Senior Data Security & Compliance Consultant) and Phoebe Yan (Partner) as speakers.

They discussed the PIPL’s key regulatory and enforcement updates as well as the GBA’s implementation guidelines, highlighting cross-boundary data flows into Hong Kong as well as draft regulations to standardize and promote cross-border data flows.

The webinar concluded with interesting case studies focusing on technology and data compliance, one of which highlighted potential risks for global law firms and possible ways to mitigate them.

“Data Privacy Day 2024: Reflecting on the past year and anticipating the next” was produced by OneTrust and our lawyers had the pleasure of hearing from speakers including Harry Chambers (Analyst at OneTrust), Tina Maisonneuve (Chief Privacy Officer at Nokia), Marlon Domingus (Data Protection Officer at Erasmus University Rotterdam), Angela Isom (Global Chief Privacy Officer at Gallagher), Henry Davies (Data Protection Lead at Likewize) and Fiorella A. (Senior Global Privacy Officer at Media.Monks).

The discussion began by reflecting on relevant events that occurred in 2023 and then moved on to the impact of the ever-changing privacy landscape on businesses, the frameworks that aim to address the complexities of transatlantic data transfers, and how technology, particularly AI, is creating breakthroughs and challenges in this environment.

Finally, the distinguished panel of speakers made predictions about what lies ahead in 2024.

Given the dense and complex nature of this subject, it was a good experience to hear from experts in the field, located in jurisdictions that have a global reach.

We are pleased to be part of these initiatives and will continue our work in the Macau SAR, providing advice and general best practices on local data protection regulations.

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