Macau Trademark Registration Guide Part 1

Trademark Registration in Macau: A Guide by Manuela António – Lawyers and Notaries (Part 1)

Welcome to the first part of our three-part newsletter series focusing on Trademark Registration in Macau.

In this Part 1 Manuela António – Lawyers and Notaries (MA) is thrilled to share insights into the world of trademark protection, emphasizing its significance in Macau’s dynamic market.

A. Key Advantages of Trademark Registration in Macau:
1. Exclusive Rights Protection:

Secure exclusive rights to your brand through trademark registration, safeguarding it from unauthorized use or imitation. This establishes a distinct identity for your business in Macau’s competitive marketplace.

2. Building Market Recognition:

Registered trademarks play a pivotal role in enhancing brand recognition. A well-recognized brand fosters consumer trust and loyalty, differentiating your business from that of other competitors.

3. Legal Recourse in Macau and Global Expansion:

Beyond local protection, trademark registration in Macau provides a legal framework for brand protection and serves as a foundation for global business expansion.

B. Key Notes of Trademark Registration in Macau:

In this first part, it is important to mention that the initial validity of a registered trademark in Macau is seven years, and any further renewal shall be for the same period. It is also worth noting that trademarks in Macau are registered via the Economic and Technology Development Services Bureau (DSEDT).

Additionally, it is relevant to notice that there are no multi-class trademark registrations in Macau. As such, the application for the registration of a trademark for several classes of products and/or services will imply the submission of as many applications as the intended classes of products and/or goods.

Finally, it is also of paramount importance to inform that the Trademark Registration in Macau is exclusive to Macau (i.e. it does not include any rights and/or protection in Mainland China and/or in Hong Kong).

In the upcoming chapters, we will delve into registration and renewal procedures, ensuring continuous protection for your trademarks.

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Macau Trademark Registration

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