Chao Lap Tac

Affiliated Counsel

David Gomes *

Affiliated Counsel

David Gomes is an independent lawyer and private notary with more than 25 years of experience of law practice in the Macau jurisdiction.

Esteves Wong


Esteves joined the firm in 2016 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Law at the Lisbon Catholic University of Portugal.

António Coelho


António Coelho joined the Macau law firm in 2018 and focuses his practice in the fields of Corporate, Intellectual Property, and Data Protection Law.

André Marques

Senior Associate

André Marques joined the Macau law firm in 2017 and has been since then focused mainly in the areas of tax, banking and finance, corporate and real estate.

António Zhang

Senior Associate

António Zhang is a registered Lawyer with the Macau Lawyer’s Association providing legal advice on several Macau affairs.

Tiago Assunção joined the Macau law firm in 2014 and has been since then active in several practice areas, focusing on corporate, banking, and finance-

Daniel Melo


Daniel Melo joined the Macau law firm in 2015 and has been dedicated to advising clients on corporate, banking, and finance matters,

Hugo Couto

Senior Partner

Hugo Couto is a Macau lawyer and notary with over 20 years of experience, providing advice to local and international customers in a wide variety of areas.

Manuela António Macau Lawyer

Manuela António

Founding Partner

Manuela Antonio is a well-known lawyer and private notary in Macau and the founding partner of the firm, being it’s heart and soul since it opened in 1986.